In these times when everybody seems concerned about their income, their home, security of the family, societal upheaval… all that stuff that’s floating around right now.

One reaction is to become all-reactionary, all-protective, all the time.

Which is all about survival, and nothing wrong with that. We have that built into us, after all.

Survival kit
Creative Commons License photo credit: Mark and Allegra

HOWEVER. That is not the only option available.

The other option is to focus on not just survival… because let’s face it, it’s EXHAUSTING. And even if you manage to survive, what’s the reward? You keep teetering on the threshold of just about making it, indefinitely.

Doesn’t sound like my idea of fun. You?

I suggest a different way of approaching this.

Victory of Intellect
Creative Commons License photo credit: h.koppdelaney

FORGET all about survival. Because when you focus on success… and by success I mean success as a process AND as result… survival comes automatically. As a bonus.

And it’s a whole sight more FUN than just surviving and dreading what’s just around the corner.

What do you think? Think you’re ready to try this success and prosperity thing on for size?

Here’s a place to do just that:

I’ll race you there!
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Comments to: Success Or Survival?
  • Great article! It is true that though we are concerned with survival, it is necessary for us to always be focused on reaching our goals to enable success. It is also said that you attract what positive mindset you have because it shows in your enthusiasm upon materializing your personal goals.

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