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How to Create a Thriving Local Business From Scratch


Here’s a true gem I’d almost forgotten to publish.

This is an interview of one of my local friends and heroes, Mikko Kemppe – the founder of a very well-known Salsa dance school.


He spent a number of years all around the United States training with the Masters of Salsa, and working on himself with the famed author John Gray, finally deciding to come back to home turf to much success.

Just a couple of short years ago he started the Helsinki Salsa Academy and it’s become a frontrunner in its field, and Mikko himself regularly travels the world as both a dancer and juror in international dance contests.


Some of the points touched upon:

  • How Mikko created a best-in-class dance school from scratch
  • How to have the self-confidence to stand out as an expert (how to present the evidence, etc.)
  • Why learning from the best is crucial to knowing how to proceed
  • Teaching is a very different skill from the subject matter skill
  • Why imbibing a prerequisite of commitment brings in the best customers
  • How a sense of fun is important in building a brand new community
  • Using a rewards program to encourage people to commit even further
  • How to deal with copycats (or whether you should even think of them that way)
  • Is having a mentor necessary or beneficial?

And much, MUCH more.

I hope you enjoy it, the audio quality is a little rough but I think the content is well worth it.

Press Play and Enjoy! 

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