Okay friends, it’s time for the final installment in the Three Pillars of Effortless Income series.

This one is about the third and last pillar, Premium Income. And understandably, this is the one that always gets the most interest and the most attention.

After all, we’re talking about strategies that have the power to bring you additional five-figure injections of cash (it’s all in there, just watch the video and it’ll make sense).

Money doesn't grow on tree ! But investing in them is the best way to capture the Carbon
Creative Commons License photo credit: pfala

Before you go and watch it, please understand that this video was originally an ‘orientation piece’ for people that went on to become part of my Premium Income training program.

This was a one-on-one mentoring experience that people paid $5000 each to be part of. It’s been over a year since I accepted anyone into the program, and frankly still don’t plan to continue it.

However, after some continuous prodding from certain friends (no names here 🙂 ), I’m looking into turning the Premium Income materials into an information product.

A set of video and audio tutorials complete with action plans and templates so you can take it into your own hands and go about creating your very own Premium Income.

I haven’t decided yet whether to actually do this, however, so you’ll have to help me. So if you’d be interested in purchasing an opportunity to create such freedom in your life, please leave a comment below or drop me a line privately.

The Premium Income Briefing
This rare briefing goes over the basics of the Premium Income approach.
Including the Homing-In procedure and the nuts and bolts of PI.

Sorry, there’s no ‘link below’ to click on, but do leave a comment below if this raised your interest.

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