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“What If…”

What if everything was just a matter of "thinking it so"... how would that change things for you?

What if everything was just a matter of “thinking it so”… how would that change things for you?

What if the only thing in the way of your success is that you think more of failure than success?

What if the only thing you had to do to succeed was to think about that success, deeply and in detail?

What if your suffering and miseries could just go away, by removing your attention from cannots and into cans?

What if the lack of money was just a bad dream that you dreamt up, and could wake up from at will?

What if everything was a question of… “at will”?

What if your desires manifested automatically… by virtue of you desiring it constantly?

What if desire was not a bad thing but a requirement for success?

What if easy was the better way than difficult?

What if all your troubles originated in your mind, and you could just use whiteout to remove them?

What if you could just rewrite your life story to make the rest of it a really pleasant one?

What if you took pen and paper and did just that directly after reading this piece?

What if that’s all it took to get you on your way?

But Seriously… What If?!

Juho Tunkelo

Long time marketing strategist, superstar skills in copywriting and conversion optimization. Ring me up on Skype or send me a free-form email and I’ll lend you a keen ear.

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