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The Shortest Distance To An Order Button

In my work with online entrepreneurs, it amazes me how unnecessarily complicated especially newcomers sometimes make it for themselves.

Myself included, at times. I’m hardly a newcomer but still not 100% immune to these brain farts, either. 🙂

So what am I rambling on about, exactly?

Just the curious phenomenon where an online entrepreneur goes ot of their way to create work, work and more work for themselves… before they’re ‘ready‘ to just go live.

Sometimes it’s the product that is the excuse – it has to be JUST RIGHT, higher production values, more material added, bonus overload, more more more. Not necessary.

Sometimes it’s the copy that isn’t just right and needs to be tweaked and tested for the trillionth time. Nothing wrong with that of course, but when it becomes a game of avoiding standing up and shouting to the marketplace, it becomes counterproductive.

Sometimes it’s the traffic and partnerships that aren’t quite big enough and need to be ramped up, servers need upgrading, need to wait for word from that one big partner who said they’d ‘definitely be on board’… and so on, ad nauseam.

And yet… often all you need to do is put an order button out there.

Big throbbing order button
Big throbbing order button

No, really. Let me explain.

If you TRULY have something that’s unique and useful and interesting and truly helping other people in their business or personal life… And knowing how great it is…

You SURELY know how to talk about it to your fellow man or woman, you need to – no, your responsibility is to get it out there, for market based testing!

The market will tell you. The people in that market will tell you if you got it right. If you did, swell, keep your winners running. If you somehow missed the mark, fine, cut your losses and move on. At least you didn’t spend endless amounts of time second-guessing yourself.

It is a lot like investing in the stock market. You need to test your thesis in the market, then make a quick conclusion about whether you were right or not. Adjust and keep moving along.

Sometimes it’s simply a matter of figuring out the shortest distance between right now and leading people to an order button online. Focus on THAT, do your project, be done with it and happiness will follow.

And more often than not in my experience, when you do this, wealth will follow as well.

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