I’m well awaree that right now, many entrepreneirs and executives alike are having a tough time while market conditions worsen (for most, not for all of course), doing import or export business is tough, and the general atmosphere of fear.

A lot of people feel like there are now too many external factors eating into your business, and the once solid feeling of control may be starting to slip.

And that’s a feeling entrepreneurs especially need to shake themselves out of – post haste – in order to emerge victorious.

That’s why I’m extending my thoroughly disinfected virtual hand to me fellow entrepreneurs, such as yourself.

21 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Thrive
Even During Exceptional Times:

1. Do NOT sell your services at a discount – they’re not stock items, right?

2. Go for direct response marketing instead of brand building marketing – the direct aproach geneerates sales now, not in some vaguely appointed future time.

3.Go for continuous client relationships instead of one-time sales, so you’ll have the greatest profit in the long term

4. Focus on selling recurring billing products or service packages, that way every sale you make carries you further

5. Sell your products directly to consumers if and when distributor and/or affiliate networks start acting shaky. Do it sooner rather than later, it’s your profit at stake.

6. Move more of your sales online – and I do mean actual online sales, not just coontent or visibility

7. Learn – or buy – the SKILL to sell online – FYI: video and long form copy work the best, in case you’d like to forgo endless testing

9. Package your skills, information and know-how into digitally deliverable form – there’s major demand for it you haven’t seen before

10. Keep a diary of your observations during the crisis – doing this will, if you allow it to, bring out many long dormant diamond like ideas for you to utilize, as well as long hidden mental shadows to deal with

11. Keep the fear at bay, because business – as life itself – is a self fulfilling prophecy – soo choose yours carefully!

12. Do NOT sit around waiting for better times to arrive, to get depressed or angry while alone, or to give in to your vices – instead, react by digging out your very best qualities for all to see!

13. Dig out your very best partnerships and invest your time and money on them – you will get a lot more done, faster, by joining forces

14. Make any necessary changes needed to secure business fast so you can return to focus fully on matters most – that is, to bring out your value, a.k.a. sell your products and services out in the world for those who need them and benefit from them

15. Maintain a normal routine as much as you can because it creates a valuable sense of security and continuity for yourself and for your team and customers.

16. Do NOT stop marketing and advertising! This is pretty much the classic mistake people mae in difficult times without thinking things through first. This is the time to stay in front of people, at the top of their minds, and not fade away into obscurity

17. Use a sharper approach in all of your marketing and advertising – this is NOT the time for vague content marketing or brand based fluff!

18. Dig out ALL of your “almost done” products, offers, campaigns, partnerships, and make them all true. Finish them and start making some new revenue streams. The shortest distance to another new dollar wins!

19. Increase the amount of offers you make in the marketplace – let’s be clear: not discounts, but actual offers where people see how much they get beyond the money they pay. Keep relating the same offer of exhange in various new ways until your sales start to pull some real, robust sales (unless if your market is one of the unfortunate disappearing ones, of course)

20. Encourage your customers! Show them you’re in the same boat with them, and show them how you’re getting an actual positive lift out of this moment, and that you’re all going to be alright.

21. ACT WITHOUT DELAY! More than likely, you already knew many of these tips you just read… but knowledge is not enough – now’s the time to make them true!

And lastly, perhaps the most valuable piece of advice on the level of action:

If you have any products or services in your portfolio suitable for selling online, act without delay even if it’s completely new to you or you feel unsure getting into it.

Also keep in mind for the sake of getting results, you MAY need someone to guide you through any bumps in the road. Me and my team are at the ready and willing to assist – it’s what we do all day long, every single day.

And remember… in this situation, more than ever – the shortest distance to another dollar made in sales wins!

With love for entrepreneurs everywhere,

Juho Tunkelo
Direct Response Copywriter
CEO, Copywriting Academy

PS. If you’d like to have a chat with me about turning your situation around:

Reserve a time for a phone consultation (ZOOM by default) where we can go over your situation and see if I can help you. 

Or send me a message directly: info@juhotunkelo.com

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