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Assisted Conversions: Demolishing the Optical Illusion in Internet Marketing


It’s time to demolish an illusion that’s holding back many online businesses.

After you ‘get it’, you just might realize you can do a whole lot better.

You see, so many marketers just stare at the final threshold of conversion – sales made. End of story.

Nothing inherently wrong with that of course, sales is what it all boils down to in the end, right?

However… in reality, there are MANY things you should consider.

When finding out the actual source of your ultimate conversions, some of the things to look at are:

  • List source: if the customer came from your own house list, which one is it and how it was generated? If that’s a good one, perhaps kick up the lead building efforts for that source a notch
  • Ad source: perhaps the sale originated from an ad online, a banner, PPC ad, media buy, even newspapers or radio… of so you need to be able to track this so you’ll know what to do about it
  • New or returning visitor: while not directly related to attribution, this has great effect on the readiness of the visitor, so it’s important to track this and relate it to the overall stats
  • Possible affiliate: was the sale actually triggered by an affiliate, or did the affiliate just refer them to the site a month ago and they came back of their own accord, or through ads?
  • Bought before or not: perhaps most importantly, is this person buying for the first time or was their buying decision based on previous behavior (purchase, opt-in, webinar participation or otherwise)

…and much more, depending on the complexity (and age) of your marketing setup.

To make things even more complex, what if a several of these factors were involved, how do you know what matters?

How do you attribute the conversion? Was it the affiliate, was it the ad, or was it just the sales page?

You may say it doesn’t matter as long as the funnel delivers ample sales.

But if that’s true, you can only improve on-page conversion in a controlled manner – never off page!

What does all this mean?

It means you should track the PATH through which your sales come.

Then you know which channels work, which to cut out, and how to keep improving overall conversion.

The result is you get to add additional levers into your leverage, it all ADDS up!

So to sum up: it’s not enough to know how well your traffic converts or where. It’s equally important to know WHY it converts, beyond the on-page attributes. That’s where assisted conversions and marketing attribution comes into play. Here’s to your conversions! 🙂

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  • March 21, 2013

    Absolutely true! It is definitely important to know why the traffic converts. Improving one’s conversion is also very important. Thank you for this information. And I’m also hoping for more updates from you. I really enjoyed reading your article.

  • March 28, 2013

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