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The Truth About Conversion Rates

Ah, the all-important conversion RATE.

“1% conversion from PPC is the benchmark”

“5% conversion from JV traffic is the bare minimum”

“All good marketing gets at least a 10% conversion rate”

To which I often say….

Meh, if you say so. That’s not really what I work with.

Which may sound somewhat weird and confusing coming from a copywriter who thrives on doing everything in their power to maximize that conversion rate.

Which I do pride myself on doing.

I’ve had 80% opt-in rates from some of the squeeze pages I’ve written.

A 72% conversion to sales on a fundraising letter comes to mind.

And many more you could look at like that and blurt out whoa – that’s high.

But the point is NOT that one should maximize the conversion rate.

Of course you should.

In the grand scheme of things – and let’s face it marketing is always about a Grand Scheme of some kind – the conversion rate is only one metric among many equally as important.

Things such as: how big a list are you marketing to, how well do your JVs know you, what weekday and time of the day you sent your message, and so on.

So it’s not just the strength of the copy that determines the conversion rate.

But it’s also that the conversion rate itself doesn’t matter as much as the results, and what you pay in proportion to get those results.

Ben Settle, another great copywriter, just wrote a very insightful article on this very subject. Check it out.

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