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Three Technologies for the Corona Era

Without going into the somewhat exhausting nitty gritty of what it means to live and breathe in these somewhat scary (if you so choose) times…

Let’s go directly into something that’s useful, for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Three things I know personally are 100% awesome, needed and just plain cool tech right now:

  1. Nanotech desinfectants. Yes I know next to nobody knows about this stuff… YET! But I’ve been involved in this type of tech for some years now and let me tell you it will be revolutionary in so many practical ways yet to come.But for RIGHT NOW… get yourself some nanotech level desinfectants for personal use. Start go googling “BACOBAN wet wipes” and go from there. Availability might not be great, but it’s worth it…

    If you happen to reside in Finland, try your luck with a local distributor who might still have some.

  2. Use simple video conferencing. For daily needs, use the simplest tech so people with various devices, platforms and VPNs and whatnot… can still join in without a problem.Depending on how many people you need to bring together, I recommend ZOOM or Whereby. The latter is the ultimate in simplicity: you just hand a single, simple URL for all attendees, nothing to install and everyone gets to share everything.
  3. Tesla high grade air filtration. If you’re fortunate enough to drive a Tesla, why not take advantage of their military grade, self-assessed bioweapons defense mode in air filtration.If you drive a Tesla Model S or Model X you might already have it installed, in which case just push a button and you’re SAFE from all biohazards. If you need to retrofit one, well, I suggest you get in line fast at Tesla.

    I mean… since they’ve gone through the effort to install and test something that heavy, why not take advantage of it? Personally I wouldn’t be surprised if they significantly increased sales if they were to market it smart and sensitive… yet aggressively (much as the threat at hand, no?).

There you go.

Got something to add to the list? Leave a word below.

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Comments to: Three Technologies for the Corona Era
  • March 16, 2020

    I am lucky to work from home but even though I may need those Bacoban wet wipes for my devices.

  • April 5, 2020

    Yeah definitely recommend getting some of those Bacoban wipes, makes everything clean in an instant.. said to disinfect all known viruses and bacteria. Amazing stuff.

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