Hey. How ‘ya doing this morning?

I just got back hauling kids around town, sick and otherwise… and frankly there was only one secret weapon I can credit to maintaining my sanity while doing it.

Podcasts. Yeah that’s right, that supposedly dead-as-a-doornail format with SO much promise yet supposedly so little reward. (We’ll get to that a bit more in another post…)

So yeah, I’m still a huge consumer (and one time producer) of podcasts. Hey I’ll take it over the bigoted ramblings of talk radio any day of the week.

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Frankly, I can’t believe so many otherwise intelligent people are STILL not listening to podcasts. Yes, the medium declared “dead” so many times that argument is truly dead itself!

Personally, I get so much benefit from podcasts it’s not even funny:

  • Listening to webinars and teleseminars I missed and yet want to catch the recordings when I have a window of time
  • Listening to audiobooks on the go when I couldn’t possibly leaf the pages
  • Getting into audio info products I just wouldn’t otherwise sit down to listen
  • Winding down listening to music podcasts according to my tastes…
  • …And simply making obligatory downtime that much more tolerable.

The beautiful thing is of course, ANY time of the day I have some 15 or 30 or 45 minutes of ‘dead time’… I’ll whip out my iPod and let ‘er rip.

Doctor’s offices, in a traffic jam, on the subway… yes sometimes even while.. well let’s leave some room for imagination. 😉

I’ve even got my 8 year old son into it, he listens to Harry Potter audiobooks non-stop now.

Education, entertainment, networking… it’s just plain fun and doesn’t require some fancy setup necessarily.

I have probably dozens of feeds I subscribe to, but really regularly listen to only a few.

So here’s the shortlist. A mixed row, but there you go (with links to iTunes):

Internet Marketing


  • Engadget podcast (newest gadgets reviewed with pride, prejudice and humor)
  • GDGT weekly (great gadget show, not so weekly lately though)
  • This Week In Tech (the erstwhile premier tech podcast, although easily off topic these days)
  • This Week in Startups (major mojo for serial entrepreneur types)
  • Net@night (roundup of new cool tools on the web)

Creative business:

Pure entertainment:

  • Smodcast (movie director Kevin Smith’s side-splittingly funny podcast, with his producer buddy)
    (also check out the rest of the shows in his podcast network)
  • Hollywood Babble-On (a top pick from Smith’s podcasts)
  • NPR Car Talk; an evergreen guaranteed to put a smile on your face (“two Italian car mechanic brothers walk into a bar…”)


Hey – do you see something missing by any chance..?

Where are all the great copywriting podcasts, hmm?! Who will be the one(s) to step up?

If you have any other podcasts you’d want to highlight among the very best, let me know in the comments.

Or especially – if you’d like me to cover some specific podcasts in a monetization slanted blog post… let me know!

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