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Valuable Resources I Came Across Recently

Here’s what was important in my link collection in April 2014, give or take.



SamCart – a shopping cart for info marketers. well spoken for.

Klevu – a smart search box for e-commerce stores

KnowEm – secures your user name or brand name on TONS of different sites out there. Hand, huh?

Recurly – easy recurring billing. that’s it.

VelocityPage – a WordPress plugin to enable in-page, drag & drop editing possible. Cool, huh?

Ensighten – a heavy duty tag manager for those dealing with that sort of thing.

VineBox – well it had to happen – a cool app to make Vine even cooler

Any.do – another todo list app, but a pretty cool one at that. award-winning and whatnot.

The Periodic Table of Storytelling – very cool and useful for all marketers, writers and the like

AW Pro ToolsAweber on steroids. Enough said.

Boogie Board Sync 9.7 – like a combination of paper and an iPad… transfers to your phone or computer.

Friendly Music – soundtrack recommendations to fit your video!

MUUT – a completely refreshed forum platform, check it out!

PayPal Here Card Reader – I wish it were available outside U.S. though…

The effect of typography on conversion – needless to say, VERY important… although many CRO pros tend to gloss this over

RightInbox – email scheduling and more for Gmail

Neat Image – a handy tool to get rid of excess noise in your photos…

Ezy Insights – A social media analytics tool, very cool apparently…

Canvas Model Design – A very cool tool to help design your company’s business model, etc. For the iPad.

And finally…

The Most Beautiful Beaches In The World – well heck, just to get ideas as to where to travel next… 😉


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  • July 3, 2014

    You have shared a nice list!
    again a useful article . i am going to bookmark it.

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