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Why Product Launches Work So Well

Everybody loves a great product launch, right?

At least when it’s their own… 😉

But WHY is it that they work so well? I mean, they’ve been declared dead so many times, and yet we see successful launches all the time.

Here’s one way to look at it.

Product launches put together THREE crucial things:

  • Mass reach through house list, advertising & especially affiliates
  • High price and high-value product
  • High visibility – often involves an element of niche celebrity

But let’s take a closer look:

Having mass reach only… you can still struggle if you’re not selling enough of high value.

Having only a high priced service or product… can still be vulnerable and cause you to constantly sell those services to stay on top.

Being a celebrity by itself doesn’t pay much at all, although it does set you up for it.

But put all these together… KA-BOOM!

ilotulite 600

Here’s what happens:

The engineered visibility/celebrity parlays into getting mass reach through willing affiliates.

Then adding a high-priced product on top brings incentive for all

An asset is created: sales, a new list and an enduring business (through relaunches, continuity and added services).

BOOM. All from scratch.

Maybe you knew this already, but still it bears repeating. And with product launches getting commonplace, it’s good to realize what it really takes to make one work. Because product launches can fail, too. But not if you bring together all core elements. 

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