There used to be a top notch barista I used to visit every Saturday, like clockwork.

And when I say top notch, I mean actual prize winning #1 in the country and beyond.

I did like his espressos of course, it was part of a weekend routine I had along with a specific journaling method and a few other things.

So when Saturday rolled around, I’d put my Panama hat on and go visit this guy who was also in the habit of wearing a Panama hat, so we kinda bonded over that too.

A good espresso and a solid book…
what else would you need for inspiration?

Anyway. What’s remarkable about this guy was he really, REALLY took his time making the espresso for me. To this day I’m not sure if he did it only for me and other connoisseurs, but daaaang.

It was not uncommon to see him brew a cup of espresso, take a quick sip, throw it away in (mock?) disgust.

Then he’d take his time adjusting temperature, the grind, even the spring water he used. In other words, he was committed to the highest quality and would not stop before he’d get there.

Most times, it would take three or four times before he’d come up with a satisfactory outcome and he’d finally hand it over and I’d lap it up with unspeakable glee. 🙂

A Top Barista Throws Four Espressos Down the Drain… What Do You Think a Top Copywriter Does?

Now, you may guess the reason I’m telling this story.

Typically, my new copywriting recruits have to go through basically the same exact thing!  

I have my “copy cubs” write headline after headline, I rip them to pieces for lack of rhythm, say, and they start over.

They write a new lead, I point out the unnatural language, they start over.

They write a rushed close, I show them why it makes people drop off and throw it away. They start over.

Finally, they’ll end up with a piece of copy that truly does its persuasive job at first sight, because it’s been fine tuned seven ways till Sunday and it finally works the way it’s intended.

The same “top barista” treatment is necessary when you really, really want to become great at what you do.

Of course, nobody will force you to do this, it’s 100% up to you.
This is necessary ONLY if you’re really aiming to end up at the top of the ladder. 

If pedestrian achievement is for you, then stop listening to me right away. 

But if you have some fire in your belly still, keep on truckin’. 

If that’s you and you’re okay with throwing four espressos down the drain to reach for that perfect one, perhaps you and I should have a talk. Maybe even consider a Copywriting Mentorship stint. At any rate, keep on sipping the good stuff, and writing the equally sharp stuff!
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