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How To Make Sure You Actually Make Any Sales

Hey there!

Seeing as you’re reading my blog, I’m going to assume you’re doing something online that involves selling something.

Fair enough?

And selling that something involves having a ‘sales piece’ of some kind:

  • A traditional sales letter
  • A video script
  • A series of emails
  • Or even a full-blown product launch sequence.

But just when you’re ready to go… that doubt creeps in.

You know: that insidious voice that whispers just above your hearing threshold:

‘What if this blows in my face and I never get another chance?’.

I’ve seen this a million trillion times with both myself and my clients.

Of course that notion is total hooey, and you’ll have as many chances as you like.

HOWEVER – your mind won’t know that, and it may continue to play tricks on you, and you’ll find ever new ways to self-sabotage your results.

It’s either that, or your doubt is justified and your copy really does suck. 🙂

Either way… you need to do something to make sure you’re ready for prime time.

That’s why I’ve recently re-opened my Copy Critiques service.

27/365 - Studying.
Creative Commons License photo credit: BLW Photography

Because just like when you have doubts about your health… you need a second opinion from someone educated but not invested in what you do. That’s what I can do for your copy.

Take its pulse, give it a couple of pills here and there to prop it up, and send it back with renewed confidence.

Still gripped by self-doubt?

Take a minute and listen to one of my recent copy critique clients – Dan Lyons, a master podcaster – who was pretty elated with what I did for him.
(Just press play below)

Then pull yourself up in your chair, take a quick breath of confidence and head on over to my copy critiques page. I’ll be talking to you soon!

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