Man, if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere.. and anywhere as north as I am.. November was one tough month to get through.

The days are shorter than my attention span after a Michael Bay movie.

That’s pretty short. 🙂

And still.. this month a lot of cool stuff found its way into my Delicious account.

So it’s time for another links rundown. Here we go!


This used to be called Data Grabber. It’s a super super super useful tool for pulling the raw data out of Google Analytics, AdWords, Social sites and more… into revealing charts you wouldn’t otherwise get access to. All you need is Excel. Try it!

Are you making these screenwriting mistakes?

Whether you’re a marketer, a screenwriter or a businessperson with a mission… storytelling is right at the center of it. No use denying it. So this here is a great list of common mistakes screenwriters do, giving you insight into the process.

Upload audio

Now, most people who work either alone or require concentration, appreciate their audio reproduction. In English, speakers. 🙂 I’ve been looking for the perfect speaker for a long time and I think I’ve found it. Hand-crafted right here in Helsinki, Upload audio may not be cheap but it is awesome. Looks great, too.

Sounds true

To go with your music, then, sometimes you need some nourishment for the soul. Here’s a great place for downloadable audio courses and much more. Check it out.


Always on the lookout for great tools for the CRO industry, this one came my way recently. I haven’t battle-tested it yet, but it looks good feature-wise at least.

Zegna: Men’s Style Guide 🙂

Well what the heck. Lets throw this one in there as well. What’s a businessman to do without a proper style… you can never go wrong with Zegna. Here’s their Holiday shopping guide for men…

9 Apps to Keep You Healthy 

To keep you healthy and productive, you need some apps. Well you don’t actually need them but they can be helpful. 🙂


This is Dean Jackson‘s new service that is admirably focused and clear to do one thing: help you focus on your clients.

Conversational Hypnosis Videos

This is an info product (I’m not an affiliate) but I guess I caught on to it because of the sales letter, which is not half bad. If hypnosis is your thing, go check it out…

Email tactics: Popular vs. Effective

This is a pretty telling piece of research: a graph that shows which email marketing tactics are the most popular AND the ones that are actually effective. The results are quite interesting…


Now this is one impressive gadget. Smaller than your mobile phone, it can remotely detect anything from mold spores to walnut traces (kind of important if you’re allergic to walnuts). Revolutionary.

Trendwatching: 2014 Trends

For those in the habit of utilizing trends (and if you aren’t, why are you here? 😉 ) … the monthly Trendwatching Briefing is a must.

Prima Coffee: a Beginner’s Guide to Pour-Over Coffee Brewing

This last one touches one of my personal fetishes, so to speak. 😉 Pourover is the only acceptable way of brewing your own coffee, if you ask me.

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Comments to: Links That Mattered In November 2013
  • December 21, 2013

    thank you for this information.
    that was helpful cases .Especially Supermetrics !!

  • December 26, 2013

    The popular or effective? Hmmm… Thinking how the popular could be converted to an effective?

  • December 26, 2013

    Cheers Amin – Supermetrics is truly worthy of its name!

    Janell – don’t bother with the ‘popular’, just do what’s effective. 🙂

  • December 27, 2013

    Thank you for posting these useful information Juho. It only shows that you are creative enough to produce these useful information. Above all these things here, I liked much the Supermetrics. This is a very useful tool for many websites. Great job!

  • December 28, 2013

    Wow, so many interesting links to check out, especially Supermetrics and the Health apps. Thank you.

  • June 5, 2015

    Informative. We are living in the middle of technology. I hope these information will help us to live better.

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