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Is Collaboration the Acid Test for Success?

I was listening to a podcast the other day with Ryan Reynolds, explaining to Jason Bateman and Will Arnett the two of his most important secrets to his incredible levels of success.

Of course, even he wasn’t always the entertainment juggernaut he now is, but plowing through mildly humorous bit parts in second rate comedies and whatnot.

And so, for him the number one turning point happened after his somewhat failed superhero movie Green Hornet (I liked it but I’m a self-confessed weirdo so…)

To absorb the hit, so to speak, he basically inhaled – in his words, straight up snorted like 45 self help books and did anything and everything to improve on himself first, period.

Because self-awareness and all that. This stuff actually works if you apply it sincerely. Which you would know, if you’ve pushed through to any semblance of success yourself. So, first work on yourself, got it.

Then the other success secret was the thing he credits for changing everything for him professionally, and a good deal personally as well, apparently.

This happened when he really, REALLY started to appreciate the immense value of collaboration. This means you’ll treat everyone you work with equally, listen to their ideas and input.

Then make your best effort to combine the best of everyone’s input into something that will form the best possible output.

I don’t think you can really go wrong with these two very basic, but ultimately super fundamental success factors.

Never stop developing yourself and make an effort to truly collaborate. Because hese two traits are what you find with every super successful person basically.

Or at least the ones you want to most become like: think Tom Cruise, think Ryan Reynolds.

No matter what you may think of them, let’s just say you could do worse.

I definitely find the same in business; I tend to gravitate to clients and business partners who clearly know the value of genuine collaboration — they simply have the instinct for shared greatness.

It may not be the most popular sentiment right now around the world, but with collaboration, everybody DOES win.

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