Get RRI right and you could be riding off into the sunset… 😉

RRI what’s that?

Another abstract, unnecessary acronym huh?

Not at all. Let’s get into this…

RRI = Randomly Reinforced Behavior

This means basically what’s happening in social media today.

And to some extent, in email as well…

It means your audience is regularly liking, hearting, ‘wow’-ing, opening stuff…

It may be random but they’re doing SOMETHING, on a recurring, regular basis.

This trait comes with some crazy benefits.

  • You habituate people to regularly engage with you – again and again
  • You habituate people to actually consume your content – so they can engage
  • You’ll have their attention at will… when you’re ready to sell something!

So do not discount the RRI!

It’s a powerful habit that basically ALL people share today… one that can definitely be turned into a buying habit!

More on this soon – I’m writing some brand new material on buying habits…

Stuff that just made an e-commerce client of mine very, very happy.

Let’s just say generous holiday bonuses will happen for them… 😉

How about you?

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Comments to: What Happens When People Like Your Stuff
  • April 24, 2018

    i would simply say that you would gain more traffic and will lead to more popularity for you.

  • May 29, 2018

    when people like your stuff will definately lead to more traffic as they will share it to their friends.

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