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Why Go Into Business For Yourself?

People sometimes ask me why I chose to go into business for myself.

My 10-year anniversary as an entrepreneur (with a couple of stints as a salaried professional thrown in, but still) is getting close, so why not give some answers.

To me these are more or less no-brainers, but I understand the sentiment from the “other side of the aisle”.

After all, why would anyone ditch a well-paying job and the job security (assuming there is such a thing) that comes with it.

Time flies... when you're working the way you want to.
Time flies… when you’re working the way you want to.

Without further ado, “Reasons Why” to go into business for yourself:

  • To fulfill personal promise – you probably wondered what you could achieve if only you weren’t tied to a desk and working for someone else. Well, it’s a matter you can settle only by taking the leap and going for it.
  • To leverage your strengths – being your own boss means you get to focus on your REAL strengths, not just those your employer may want out of you. The result is a lot more results, and a LOT more enjoyment in your work.
  • To help people (improve) – when you work on your own, you have the opportunity to also pass on what you learn on the way, not just use 100% of your hours on work. This may be free or paid, as you wish. In any case, it’s very very fulfilling!
  • To prosper & increase your net worth – obviously, right? This is the main point people generally see in entrepreneurship, and for sure it’s not something to overlook! When you can directly affect the amount you earn, well, it simply opens up a whole new world for you.
  • To do charitable deeds – so when you have that increasing net worth, you may find that it’s even more fulfilling to spread that wealth around and improve the world around you. Once you get into the habit, you may not want to go back…
  • To enable happiness of family – also something generally only being your own boss can afford you, setting your own hours and choosing how you spend your time, energy and money can have a HUGE effect on your family. A word of warning though; entrepreneurship CAN become an addiction, so be sure to commit to reasonable hours and a personal balance. It WILL make you more money as well than working 24/7. You still need to breathe.
  • To be FREE – the Big Word indeed! By far, most entrepreneurs starting out quote personal freedom as the biggest motivation starting out. Once you taste it… well, it’s tough to go back.
  • To live life to the fullest – if you ever wanted to travel uninhibited, buy that Ferrari, live in another country… this is the time. The internet and modern ways of doing business regardless of locale make this a very real possibility. Give it a chance!

 And… add your own. 

For a lot of people starting out, the main reason is to replace job income and then go beyond that. And why not, it’s a perfectly valid motivation, and a pretty powerful one.

Just make sure you commit to it, and do it for your own reasons. Otherwise you’ll just find out you’ve traded one position to another, and fulfilment remains elusive.

Entrepreneurs make the world go round, so here’s to You. I’ll see you around the dreamscape! 

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  • June 30, 2014

    i am a Entrepreneurs too! and i agree Entrepreneurs make the world go round.
    great share again!

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