Well this one’s another one for the history books…

New useful links, tools, articles, resources… all right smack dab in the middle of the coronavirus craziness that surely goes into the history books for a whole variety of reasons.

Without further ado, here we go:

Marketing & Business

5 Pillars of Awesomeness – a 60 page work of art from Dan Meredith, for entrepreneurs

John Carlton’s Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets of a Marketing Rebel – on a rare sale right now…

SendInBlue – a new(ish) email marketing platform gaining favor quickly, I hear…

KapWing – to add subtitles to your videos

Covid Impact Factor quiz – By Perry Marshall. Helps you determine how much this things impacts you and your business

BRACE FOR IMPACT – How to Survive and Thrive in the Pandemic Era (free ebook)


Fifine microphones – these things are favorites for some podcasters, I’m told.

HUMU – an augmented audio cushion. Perfect for working from home, huh?

NayaDaya – emotional behavioral impact measurement… or something like it.

Reduce Images – a really handy tool to reduce image size for web/email usage

The RAX Ultimate All-In-One Charger – we all have a ton of devices to charge, don’t we…

Gaia Pay – “turns raw natural reserves into tradable assets and utilizes the old financial system to generate profits”… sounds good to me.

Teleport Video – one-click video conferencing


FERRAAAAARI – a red hot Ferrari… grill. Of course, what else?

Table Bed – exactly that, a table that turns into a bed for two

Karelia Cottages – with domestic travel on the rise, obviously… this is one that caught the eye

Productivity & Misc.

Terra XR – now this is some real cutting edge level sh*t for productivity… REALLY. Check it.

Intelligent underwear – LOL…. but I’m told this works

That’s it! This month’s crop was not quite as plentiful but hey, I’m getting back into the habit. As the world turns…

Enjoy the free tips, and I’ll see you seen in another installment!

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