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Writer’s Tip: Blurt It Out – Now!

Did you ever get a sudden spark of an idea, one you wanted to get out there as soon as possible?

But after giving it so much as a few seconds to brew, you’re no longer sure what that idea is, fully formed:

Is it a blog post? A broadcast email? A Facebook note? Just a twitter blurb? Or should it be a special report? A full blown newsletter? Maybe even a product?!

And before you know it, the idea has faded, you’ve moved on and the idea became nothing.

Sadly, I have to admit this happens to me from time to time. As much as I manage to put down in writing, at least an equal amount escapes me and it is a shame.

But the god thing is, I think I’ve found something that puts this dilemma to the rest.

It’s a GREAT online service called PEN.IO.

( And, yes… I too did wonder WHY they didn’t go for an .is domain… 😉 )

It’s a deceptively simple service designed to let you do one thing very simply, quickly and elegantly: create and publish your writing online.

It doesn’t matter what it is; what language, how long, who it’s for… it just works.

You don’t even need to sign up, you just write up your page and assign a password only you know so nobody else gets to edit that page you just created.

Pen.io pages are quick, clean and highly useful to do

The finished page boasts great clean style, typography, pleasing colors and so on.

So you can just post that finished URL to the world at large OR… then take a deeper look at it and see if you want to develop it into something more.

In either case, at least you jotted your idea out, got it out to a lot of other people, and everybody benefits.

So what could you use PEN.IO pages for?

  • Write up a chapter for your book you’ll never sit down to write from beginning to end
  • Design a compelling offer for your product or service – without writing out a full sales page, order forms and whatnot
  • Write an extended reply to a tweet you saw – otherwise you’d spend time and mental energy thinking what you should have said
  • Something wrong with the world or in your industry? Get it out of your system! Write an open letter. It’s therapeutic and just might help other people too.
  • Plan out your next big project and send it out to all the people involved.

As you can tell, this is a great way to side-step the looming threat of overwhelm and the resulting procrastination.

Just write it out, bit by bit by bit by bit. And before you know it, over the course of a few days or weeks you’ve created something larger, and you didn’t even notice!

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