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15 Ways To Convert More Online

Hey friends,

If you’re on my mailing lists, you’ve probably already seen I recently published my first Amazon Kindle ebook.

It’s a brainchild of my years of experience in the trenches of Conversion Optimization for e-commerce and online businesses of all kinds.

So if you’re just starting out with conversion optimization, know you should get into it, or need some tips to get further, this book is a great place to start. Inexpensive, too.

universals of conversion cover
My new book on the universal principles involved in improving web site conversion rates

The first comments I’ve received have been grateful for the down-to-earth tone and real-world examples. If you care about your conversion rates at all… well, it should be pretty hard to pass this by. And I would say this even if it weren’t my book. 🙂


Juho Tunkelo

PS. You can actually preview the entire three first chapters – click Look Inside on Amazon or Get Sample in iBooks store.

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  • July 25, 2015

    My strategy to convert more online is by creating appealing landing pages and huge e-mail lists. I love your tips and tips on converting more and will definitely put these ideas into practice.

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