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CopyCast #6: Sales Video That Works

Howdy y’all!

Yes, my return to podcasting is feeling a little bumpy and I apologize for the delays and frankly still not so polished output.

Having said that, I thank you for the kind remarks I’ve had about the episodes so far, I’m glad it’s making sense for you and helping you sell stuff.

Alright enough navel gazing, here’s today’s episode:

Sales Video That Works!

Because frankly, much of copywriting online is on video these days. So we’re going to touch on that a bit in today’s podcast.

I’ll be explaining the basics of video structure, launch structure, and why simplicity is so crucially important on video.

While on the topic of sales video, I’m also currently preparing a hard-hitting (as opposed to these leisurely if practical podcasts) video series on this very same topic. Keep an eye out for it, it’ll come out eventually… 😉

Press play below to listen.

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