Today, I’m answering a question about sales psychology – how to deal with a client you’re trying to close, who don’t quite know what they need.

These kinds of prospects CAN be very profitable but may take forever to close… IF you don’t know exactly how to deal with them.

Press play and check it out!

Here’s a loose transcript:

Closing a client who doesn’t know 100% what they want (or what you sell)

  • When you have to educate a prospective client on what you do for them you cannot leave it to them to figure it out
  • You really need to explain your offer line by line by line and explain the exact upside that is at their grasp.
  • And once you have got them on your side you cannot leave it at that you must perform a pull away which results in powerful fear of missing out.

Because you really need to close these kinds of clients on the spot because if you don’t and you let a couple of days pass they will already forget what you made them understand.

So you’ve got to educate them explain your offer to them and then pull a way to pull off the deal.

This is the way you deal with lukewarm clients who don’t really know what they need. That is doing a service for them because they would otherwise just keep going in circles and end up doing something costly and on necessary, in most cases.

+ frame control:

if they’re losing money, use morality frame

If they feign expertise, go hard on authority & experience

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