Is A One Person Business a Real Business? –

Is A One Person Business a Real Business?

On the Internet, EVERYONE’S ALONE. (yes, even with all the social networks around)

And Internet Marketers… well, they tend to flock in crowds of one, so to speak.

That is, at least until they find out how much that hampers their growth in the long term!

And there’s a reason for it, too.

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about how outsourcing to partners on, say, Elance and Workaholics 4 Hire takes a load off of you, especially starting out.

And it DOES, don’t get me wrong… mass outsourcing is one of the great opportunities on the Internet. But the thing is…

A SYSTEM OF ONE has limited chances of growth!

And I don’t mean just in terms of the quantity of work a single person can do… I mean in the sense that an entrepreneur’s whole BUSINESS can grow, and what the quality of that business is to its stakeholders, including customers.

To clarify: by the term system, I don’t mean some step-by-step systematic approach. I mean it in the sense nature grows its systems within systems… organically, in a self-directed manner.

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When asked what is the most important decision they ever did, countless successful entrepreneurs say: ‘hiring my first employee’.

The reason for that is two-way:

  1. When that first employee manages to take the non-essential tasks off your plate, you’re able to focus more on what you do best – and get better results more frequently.
  2. When you have two or more people working together at any one time, it creates a SYSTEM that constantly adapts, grows, and creates new connections within itself.

Both effects are important; the first one allows your business to take off with much greater speed, efficiency and singular focus.

But in the long run, the second one is VASTLY more important. It allows your business to take on a life of its own, grow by its own accord, AND use its own feedback loops to SELF-CORRECT itself.

If you think that sounds far-out and high-flung… it’s not.

It just means we as entrepreneurs need to be better versed in Systems Intelligence.

Keep an eye out, I’ll be writing more about that soon. 😉

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