Ever wonder how your life ended up the way it is now?

Ever feel like ‘this is it’ and you couldn’t change the course of your life if you tried – at least not very significantly?

Even sometimes feel helpless at times over ‘the forces at work’ in your life, making it much less than you know it should be?

A LOT of people feel like that, so don’t think you’re alone in this. Living lives of quiet desperation, and all that.

And if you’re at all familiar with the self-help industry, you know there are plenty of people telling you exactly what to do.

Just take more action, create clear goals, stay positive, eat raw food and sleep better.

Well, that’s all well and good but it all sounds like a LOT of work, doesn’t it? You already have a lot on your plate to begin with, which is the way you want change, right?!

Kinda makes you wish there was an easier way, doesn’t it?

Yes it does, and there is such a way.

I like to call it the Law Of Exposure.

What you get exposed to... colors your world!

Yes, it’s kinda sorta maybe related to the Law Of Attraction (heck, what isn’t) but that’s not the point.

The Law of Exposure (LOE for short) is what determines what grows in your consciousness, becoming thoughts and emotions and new realities.

Or old realities, as the case may often be, if you keep exposing yourself to the same things over and over.

Now if you’re stuck in that rut, you appreciate the path of less resistance.

In my opinion, nothing wrong about that at all. It’s how Nature works, so why shouldn’t you and I, too?

The only teeny tiny tweak to do is… Start migrating your exposure.

Meaning, do less of this daily:

  • Watch television for hours on end, exposing yourself to values imbibed crime drama and bitchy ‘reality’ programming
  • Read news headlines and actually believe the way they’re framed for your attention and raw emotional response
  • Listen to your friends and colleagues who are convinced anyone trying to better themselves is an unrealistic fool
  • Listen to music that is designed to simply ‘hook’ you using the basest of emotions, and even generate anger and other negative emotions

And do more of this daily:

  • Spend ten minutes with a list of your very personal goals and dreams, editing and altering it and enjoying it (no-one will see, I promise)
  • Listen to music that uplifts your spirits and creates mental orderliness (try some Mozart for a change, just a coupleof minutes will do)
  • Have a conversation with someone you genuinely respect and whose view of things you know will enrich your life (you know who these are)
  • Shut down all electronics and other distractions and just spend a few minutes alone with your thoughts. You’ll be surprised by what comes up.
  • Go to a highly dignified place, such as a fine opera house or a historical site. Just observe the effect of the divine geometry on your resonance… (it’s there)

And many more things that are personal to you only.

Here’s the important part:

You do NOT have to change EVERYTHING. Just enough to change the sum of your daily exposure!

Surely you can do THAT, right?

Introduce just a couple of new experiences into your daily life, deliberately exposing yourself to something positive, and you’re quickly out of the rut. Soon you will want to add even more, and your life will never be the same-old’ again.

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Comments to: Honor the Law Of Exposure
  • March 14, 2012

    If what you expose yourself to is not a reflection of that which you want to create more of in your life than you are going to be working against yourself.

  • March 16, 2012

    True that, Jason. Too often people choose to work against themselves just because they’re used to doing so…

  • March 29, 2012

    I love this concept. I’ve never heard it expressed this way, and it makes a lot of sense. People get overwhelmed with the idea that they need to change their life, and it’s so much easier to introduce new exposures (and reduce others).

    In particular, I really identify with the music aspect. The radio can be a bad influence if that’s what you listen to every morning. Start your day with something more calming, or inspiring, not ads and shlock.

  • March 30, 2012

    Music – yes! Definitely exposure to great uplifting music is one of the more effective ways to tip the scales in the right direction… Direct access to the right emotion, etc.

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