Have you heard people say this out loud? 

“I’m really not building a personal brand… yet…”

Oh but yes you are! 🙂

  • By what you actually do
  • By how you carry yourself
  • By what you project into being
  • By your opinions and stand taking (or lack thereof)
  • By what you share (or don’t share)
  • By what people can see you do
  • By what other people speak of you
  • By what effect you consistently create in the world

…and on, and on.

Like it or not, you actually do have a personal brand.

A personal footprint, if you will.

Whether you manage it or not.

And you create it by your consistent actions.

Or even by the lack of them!

So get started without delay.

Get conscious of it.

And drive your personal brand with gusto…

Don’t think you won’t need it.

It’s not a matter of need, it’s a matter of discipline.

Will you have the discipline to show up?

The will to be seen as you’d like to be?

Isn’t that something worth your conscious effort.

If not for you, for those who’d benefit by your being here.

Think about it.

Then do something about it.



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