If you’re not interested in online business, the art of
conversion and copywriting or making dough, you can skip this.

If however, you’ve been wondering what’s left for mere
mortals to do after all the changes online lately…

…then read on. You’ll find this pretty fascinating.

First, a few common observations I’ve made and discussed
with my colleagues and mentors lately.

Maybe you’ve noticed some of this also:

  • There are less and less sales letters online (they haven’t disappeared, just less commonplace)
  • By and large, people are starting to find video marketing boring and time-consuming
  • Product launches and social media have contributed to a great deal of sensory and information overload

As a result, it’s harder and harder to get attention online.

So what’s a smart fellow like yourself going to do?

Pack it all up? Hardly! 🙂

Here’s a couple of pointers for you:

  • Go asynchronous! Meaning, don’t expect people to consume your content, messages and offers when YOU want to. You create when you create, they react when they react.
  • Don’t *demand* attention, instead provide continuous and compelling opportunities for it. Trust your audience, and moreso, trust your ability to help them over time!

As a result, you will catch people receiving and consuming
your content, messages and offers more often –
ultimately leading to more sales!

Today, there are two really good ways to do this.

There’s a good chance you’ll roll your eyes, but if you
care about what really works today, keep your mind open.

Here we go.


I know. It’s ‘old’ technology, old hat, yadda yadda.

And yet, people are FINALLY flocking to podcasting the
way they should have some five years ago when it was new.

Perfectly normal people ranking fast in their niche, just
doing their thing on the microphone.

Even celebrities are starting their own podcasts –
Kevin Smith the movie director let it slip lately
that he’s making forty thousand a month from his podcasts.

Forty thou! Geez Louise…

iTunes is an incredible source of traffic, completely
unaffected by the ever-changing search engine game.

I regret ever stopping the podcast I co-hosted with
Gideon Shalwick because it was both really fun to do
and provided a lot of exposure.

It also made me a good deal of green too, indirectly.

#2: EMAIL.

Another roll of the eyes coming, I can feel it from here. 🙂

Just humor me, will ya?

If you’ve been paying attention, you already know in
product launches emails do almost all of the heavy lifting.

Yes people watch the videos, but they get the conditioning
and the gist of it BEFORE they do, in the emails.

The subtle influence and attention channeling happens
‘in between’, coded in the emails.

By the time it’s time for the sales letter, they have
already been conditioned by the email sequence and rush to buy.
Also, when it comes to actually reading the content,
believe it or not, email still wins.

In social media people skim and share a lot,
and even use apps to ‘read it later’.

Those same people, when they get an email lovingly crafted
to match their likes, loves and preferences, they stick.

They don’t ‘read it later’.

YOU are reading this right now, aren’t you? 🙂

More and more people are finding that the more they
focus on email marketing, the better they do.

Email marketing isn’t going anywhere.

If anything, it works BETTER now because with all the
social media hubbub, many have forgotten
how to do email right, and the ones that do stand out!

And now, the plot thickens…

Here’s How I’m Pledging to Serve You and Help You Win!

Look. As a copywriter I’m used to taking on huge projects,
huge product launches, and yes at times huge paychecks.

But I also know the real NEED bloggers, info product
developers, coaches, and experts of ALL kinds have.

Not everyone wants to do a huge push, a huge launch effort.

Maybe all you want is to make a little more.

Get a few more clients.

Sell more product.

The perfect vehicle to do that is Email Marketing.

Of all the copywriting I do, I love writing the emails the most.

Why? It’s because I get to really flex my thinking and
writing muscles to come up with emails that
– push the emotional hot buttons,
– twist the psychological triggers,
– use every bit of verbal virtuosity in a limited space

…and still make it all seem like one guy talking to another.I don’t normally even write emails separately.On rare occasion, I’ve been known to do a favor for
friends, for a price tag of $597 and up.Today, I’m lowering the bar for all and offering a
five-email series for an all-time low price of $297.

It can be:

  • A five-part launch email sequence from teaser to last chance… all designed to get your prospect ready to buy
  • Or a series of five solo emails about your offer, each targeting a different way to make the sale

Or perhaps something specialized,
if you already have something in mind.

If you’re interested, head this way to get started!

Then, please take a minute and fill out
the 1-minute online form you will be shown to.

As soon as I get your info, I’ll get to work on your emails!

Alright, ‘sbeen long enough hasn’t it. 🙂

I appreciate your attention, we’ll talk soon!

Juho Tunkelo
Your Sales Enabler

PS. The reason the gurus trust me to write their emails for
them is they know I’m able to adapt my style to theirs.
I don’t just write one way and ‘muscle promote’. Not my
style, and probably not yours either. That’s why you can
rest easy knowing your email sequence will be well received.
Go get yours today, deploy and re-deploy any time you like!

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