There’s one thing, and one thing only that you need to start making sales with your own digital product… and I’ll get to that in a minute.

But first:

The fact that you’re creating a product for other people to consume, out of your very own pool of knowledge and experience…

…should indicate that you actually CARE about what they do with it.

So if that’s true, you’re already off to a great start!

Talking about hot products...
Talking about hot products…

Next, what you need is to check off three checkboxes.

#1 – Be Concerned With What People Actually NEED

First, consider the end result your product or service is intended to deliver to your customers.

Then, break down exactly what needs to happen for that end result to materialize at their end.

Finally, create your offering in such a way that it provides a real answer to every single requirement you listed.

Make it very, very hard NOT to get a result from you.

Then you’ve positioned yourself in a way that makes you a top tier player, almost instantly.

#2 – Deliver Something Your Customers Can REALLY UTILIZE

Too often information products are crammed full of material, right to the gills.

So much so that apparently not being able to digest it all passes for customer satisfaction.

It does not.

High use value = high satisfaction = low refund rate = high willingness to buy again from you.

So if you want your customers to never refund, and to actually buy from you again… oh and, actually succeed with the information you provide…

You’d best make sure there’s something they can easily consume, apply and use successfully in their own environment.

#3 – Deliver So It Absolutely DELIGHTS Your Customers

Use successful examples; show how they work and how to model them.

Use an uncommon format that is rarely seen.

Others use video, you use 3D video. Others use 3D, you use VR video.

Create something of undeniably higher value than expected – a professionally designed and illlustrated book, video inserts of super high quality, an interview with Barack Obama…

Anything that’s truly considered a positive, super surprise – by most of them.


Now For The ONE THING I Teased You With…

What you need to start making sales, is deceptively simple:

You need to sell something people not only WANT… but CANNOT in all honesty RESIST.

So what’s the difference between that desirability and what I described above (need – can use – delighted with)?

The difference is, they cannot REALLY see any of those three qualities until they’re sold on the PROMISE of it.

So what you’re selling is a visceral image of the result people believe they can honestly achieve.

The product is the mechanism for producing that result for them.

So to create an in-demand digital product, you need to cater to their actual needs, make sure they can actually make use of the product, and add some flair that delights them and helps consumption. But all of that matters only if you’ve first sold them on the result you want them to achieve. Define that first, make it fascinating, and market powerfully. That’s what copywriting really is.
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  • October 28, 2016

    The last point of your got me to rethink my business strategy. Thanks for such a nicely constructed article Juho 🙂

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