“What if…”

So I’m currently reading Principles by Ray Dalio.

It’s all about upgrading, updating and adding new mental models.

So you’ll tackle every problem or situation correctly

Seems to work for Elon Musk 🙂

What most people do though:

They succeed with ONE model and try to ram it into everything!

  •  So you had a successful corporate career… then try to apply it into entrepreneurship. CRASH
  • So you had a nice long free wheeling relationship in college… try to apply it into a committed one, a marriage… CRASH.
  • So you had a good time studying and got good grades doing what they’re told… then get a good job where thinking for themselves is a requirement… CRASH
  • So you had a high school football career on a diet of ice cream and protein shakes… then get a pot belly in your 30s and it doesn’t just come off. CRASH?
  • So you were a good student in college, good for you. Then you end up starting a business and… keep learning instead of implementing? CRASH again.

So will you adapt, upgrade and add new mental models… or will you get used to crashing out?

There is a grace period for making that decision, for making that transition

But it won’t last forever

You can’t just keep coasting and live on past successes

Because life puts you in new situations for a reason

You know Darwin didn’t say the strongest survive.

No, he said the most adaptable to their environment survive.

I concur – upgrade your mental model to keep succeeding


Adapt or crash?

Which is it?

Make up your mind and live a better quality life.

PS. Also, many are quick to reject a new model if it doesn’t work right away or fails them just once. Do it properly one time before you judge. Then you’ll know for sure.

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Comments to: Why You Struggle In Life And Business – Time For An Upgrade?
  • November 11, 2018

    I have changed my mentality to a lot of extends and it deflects positive results on my business. Thank you so much for sharing such kind of information.

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