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The Power of Second Perspective

Sometimes you get stuck in a rut, and you don’t even notice it.

The trouble is, you keep looking at your life and your business with the same eyes.

Often times, just getting a day off isn’t enough. And a vacation can be just a direction.

But a ‘working holiday’, fully subsidised 😉 can be a different story.

Go to another country, meet fellow entrepreneurs, get a second opinion on things.

It can be worth the time in gold. Whatever that means.

Perhaps you can tell my mind is already somewhere else, looking for that two-day break in a Finnish winter wonderland.

Even so, I’m pulling all sorts of strings to get everything in a box business-wise so I can be peaceful and uninterrupted for two days. (insert another quote about gold’s worth..)

Just so I can use that time to get another perspective on things. Nothing more valuable than that.

Fast times in London – in search of a Second Perspective 😉


PS. Like that nice little montage video up there? It took me about two minutes and zero dollars to put together using Animoto. Do check them out, it’s pretty amazing what you can do with it (without knowing anything about video editing or having to have your own music).

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Comments to: The Power of Second Perspective
  • December 23, 2008

    Spot on, Juho. Whatever you call it, getting completely away — and I mean _completely_ (no cell phone, no Blackberry, no Internet, no nothin’) — can be refreshing, revitalizing, and revivifying. I try to do something like that at least semi-annually if not quarterly. I do take along a scribble pad so flashes of insight don’t get vaporized and disappear into the ether, but no To-Do list or anything organized like that. Another city far away from where I usually live, another [civilised] country, another hemisphere — I know you get the idea.

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