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The Biggest Benefit Of Ebooks

I’ve talked about the advent of ebooks a lot. For years. Mostly to do with the information marketing arena which has been at it for years and years.

And lately, more and more the advent of ebooks for Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s iBooks and such. What can I say? It’s just cool. 🙂

The overall arguments stand: it’s convenient, fast, exciting, annotation is easy... and so on.

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However – as per usual, there is always that one overt benefit that trumps all others. And often it is so obvious that it gets totally overlooked.

What is that overt benefit in the case of digital books, ebooks?

There will NEVER be any availability issues. NO out of stock issues. NO quality issues.

Just how many times have you looked for a book that is just not available, not available as a paperback, not available in your own language… and what have you. And when the book finally arrives in the mail, it may have suffered damage. Not so with ebooks!

Buying over the internet has done little to overcome this problem clearly eating into publishers’ and authors’ revenue. Yet these benefits are so obvious that they get routinely overlooked.

So if you want to make the absolute most as a publisher, or avoid as much hassle as possible as a consumer, look into ebooks. This precisely the time the big change is happening, and we’ll all look back in a few years’ time and see what happened.

If you want a DIY guide for getting into self-publishing, I recomment Money From Anywhere by Pat O’Bryan, Marlon Sanders and Joe Vitale.

Check it out, and go for it!

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