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Intake vs Ingestion vs Implementation

Let’s take a change of pace into personal development. Here’s something big.

  • It’s important to know when to take in information, and when you’ve had enough.
  • It’s important to ingest that information so it becomes ingrained in your consciousness and forms a foundation for a new success habit.
  • It’s imperative to implement that ingested information so you actually get results from this new point of view, new power or tool, and enjoy the fruits of it.

Simple, right? And yet many people get these three wrong, in the wrong order, or completely leave out some of them.

I know a person who says he ‘works on personal development’ two hours every day. In reality, he means reading books on personal development.

It’s all relentless intake, while the time required for ingestion is overlooked and the will power required for implementation is left lacking.

This is natural of course, as most people’s days are pre-filled with work and other routine tasks.


So remember to set aside time for proper ingestion, reflection and organization of new information. Otherwise you’ll just end up with ‘information constipation’. 🙂

You can’t leap over from intake to implementation because you’re simply not ready. It hasn’t yet ‘taken root’ in you.

How do you know when ingestion has run its course? You know that when you get that unmistakable impulse of realization, and you cannot wait to put it to practice.

When that happens, don’t wait a moment longer. Take your new understanding and APPLY it right away. And don’t stop there either, keep going until you actually gety NEW RESULTS.

Only then the process of intake – ingestion – implementation has run its course and it has actually ENRICHED your life.

Plus, you eliminate the possibility that you’re spinning wheels despite the fact that you SEEM to be studying a lot and ‘working on’ a lot of things without much to show for it.

If you love results, learn to love the process as well. First intake, then ingest, and finally implement. Properly sequenced learning will pay you dividends for a LONG time to come. 


PS. Please do not confuse intake with ‘incubation’ either. That’s a buzzword that gets thrown around a lot, mostly meaning ‘creative avoidance of actually doing something’. 😉


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