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A Fast (And Real) Way To Outrageous Profits

You hear it ALL the time, right?

THIS product or THIS method is THE way to fast profits, fast cash, fast whatever.

And yet, if we’re 100% completely honest, we all KNOW that it takes something truly unusual and truly unusually USEFUL to get that kind of a response from the marketplace.

I don’t care how great your mailing list is, or how responsive your Facebook group is.. you still need an EDGE, something about the product that makes it DESERVE that great sucking sound… of people being PULLED to your product.

With very little PUSH type marketing required.

Here’s what I mean.

  1. Identify a newly popular product or platform
  2. Identify a glaring FLAW or deficiency in said product or platform
  3. Create an auxiliary product that fixes said flaw and draws the MASSES to you

Want some examples? Here’s four pretty well known ones.

  1. The iPhone, as wonderful and popular as it is, there’s one rather big FLAW: it could really use some advanced camera functionality. Such as an image stabilizer, digital zoom and special FX of all kinds. Enter Camera+, a $1.99 iPhone app that sold about $500,000 worth in its first month. That’s correct: a clean half a million for starters.
  2. eBay in its early days didn’t have a way to show images with the auctions – a glaring FLAW that John Reese took upon himself to fix. His eBay image hosting site quickly grew massively popular and helped him make a fortune on eBay.
  3. Clickbank is a hugely popular platform for selling digital products, and yet there’s always been one glaring FLAW: if you want to sell several products and have unique affiliate links for each, you’d have to open a new account for each product at $50 a pop. Enter Easy Click Mate, a script that not only works around that flaw, also makes it possible for you to get greater control over your affiliates. Easy Click Mate has been around for years, but many big product owners still use it to this day.
  4. Email opt-in conversion is always something marketers are looking to optimize, and optimize again. As the likes of Aweber started to add lightbox popup forms, many started to realize the potential for great opt-in rates. But nobody really took the time to test it to the hilt… until a young gun called Michael Dunlop recently created Popup Domination – a popup script that has already become the norm – routinely beating alternative approaches by triple digits. Why? Because he took the trouble to perfect a commonly known FLAW in existing systems.

And there you have it.

True product definition, productization if you will, can bring profits faster than any clever marketing tactic.

So go find what’s popular, spot that glaring flaw, and FIX it. Then sell the solution.

The evidence is there, the process is there… what are you waiting for?! 😉

PS. Yes, some of the sites listed may or may not have some copy written by me. Please do not think that dilutes the message here one blueberry bit. This strategy WORKS and savvy productization WORKS. And yes, if you click on some of the links in this post and order something, I just might get paid a tiny, tiny commission and enjoy a quick espresso on some dastardly cold Helsinki morning on your behalf. In the event that happens, I promise to think of you warmly. 🙂

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